Hi, I’m Zubair Malik – Professional Photographer

I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. From being a kid hanging around my father tweaking with his Camera to being an adult trying to capture moments and magic happening in life with my own DSLR, I have loved every moment of it. I like to experiments with things, see things in different light (literally different light) and being creative with my product/model shoots. I feel very lucky to have found my passion as early as the age of 10 and I love my work!

I just don’t take photos, I make them. — Zubair Malik

Up until now I have explored quite a few fields related to photography and I’d love to continue. When I’m not with my Camera I am working as an art director/Graphic Design at my own set up DesignEnds which just perfectly sits with my profession as a photographer. 

I started my journey as a Professional Product Photographer back in 2015. I hit a few lows but now I have a my own team and we cover Corporate Events, Weddings & Parties. I have worked with notable brands for their Creative Product shoots as well. Take a look at my portfolio and Feel free to contact for any queries!

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