Ambassador Program for ZubairMalikPhotography

ZMP Ambassador program is a great opportunity for those are willing to join us as part of our team, either as a photographer, blogger or any possible way.


Becoming a ZubairMalikPhotography Ambassador is voluntary and requires a minimum of 3 months commitment. This position is more suitable for those who are more social and love photography, and those who love our photography and are interested in sharing the benefits to others as well as in giving feedback so we can improve our services.

Become an Ambassador

What are the advantages of being an Ambassador?

Being an Ambassador has many perks including:

  • You will get Flat 5% commission from all clients came by your reference.
  • You will get free professional portrait shoots on monthly basis.
  • Being invited to exclusive photography events and conferences.
  • Getting exclusive ZMP Ambassador promotional discounts up to 15% on different brands.

What do we expect?

A ZubairMalikPhotography Ambassador is responsible for:

  • Advocating ZubairMalikPhotography events, shoots, updates or any other information related to the company.
  • Sharing content on your social networks.
  • Providing local insight and photo feedbacks.
  • Creating a stronger local presence for ZubairMalikPhotography both online and offline.
  • Providing assistance and information to the local community in easy to understandable language.

How do I apply to be a ZubairMalikPhotography Ambassador?

You can apply to be a ZubairMalikPhotography Ambassador HERE

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If you feel like a ZMP ninja already, have a good communication skills to talk to others, and know our FAQs apply!

What are the qualifications required as a ZubairMalikPhotography Ambassador?

  • You have to be a good human.
  • Be a photography enthusiast and show love for ZubairMalikPhotography on Social Media.
  • Have some knowledge of photography, but more than that, services which we are offering.
  • Participate actively on social media about ZubairMalikPhotography and engage audience.
  • You must be able to commit to the program from 3 to 5 hours a week.

I have submitted my Ambassador application, now what?

ZMP team reviews Ambassadors applications on regular basis. So, if you apply for the Ambassador position and are accepted, we will contact you.

What is my time commitment if I become ZubairMalikPhotography Ambassador?

Ideally, we encourage spending minimum 3 to 5 hours every week, but you can dedicate as much time as you want, as long as you commit to sharing all the information and updates we provide on a timely basis.

I just getting to know about ZubairMalikPhotography, can I still become an Ambassador?

To be an Ambassador, you need to have a sound knowledge of Photography and services which we are offering to advocate on our behalf.

Do I need to be an old blogger to apply?

No, but technically it would be in your favour if you are old in market and have big social circle.

Is this a paid position?

No, this is a voluntary position. However, you have many perks and advantages thanks to this position which will give you big boost to level up your game in market.

Can I be a Ambassador for less than three months?

Unfortunately, you can’t. ZMP wants you to get the full Ambassador experience and we feel that you need at least three months in the program to get it!

After three months, can I still be an Ambassador?

Yes and we would love for you to stay! The three months is only a minimum requirement for joining the program.

What if something happens and I am unable to fulfil my Ambassador responsibilities?

ZMP Ambassadors are members of our family, so we understand that these situations can arise due to various factors. You’ll have the chance to contact our team, to discuss leaving the program if needed

Become an Ambassador

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